Tri-T is the leading LCD modules, LCM, PCBA, Box Build and liquid crystal display modules manufacturer. We provide cost effective and innovative solutions to meet LCD modules design requirements for electronic companies. 


We carry a line of character display modules (alphanumeric displays) and graphical display modules (LCM Liquid Crystal Modules) that are compatible with other LCD modules manufacturers. The Liquid Crystal Display modules can also be customized to suit individual customer's need. 


We established in year 2001 and we are a growing company dedicated to customer support and service that goes above and beyond your expectations. Experience with our company today, where we hope your first saving is just the beginning of a long relationship with us.

We sell LCD modules used in Consumer Electronics (calculator, handheld game, camera). We also sell Liquid Crystal Modules in Equipment meter (industrial equipment, transaction machines, sporting equipment, medical equipment communication). We sell LCD modules in computers (telephone, fax machines, data bank, portable PC, PC Peripheral, laser printer).  



For questions and inquires, please email: sales@3-t.com.hk







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